About Our Initiative

Network Anaheim is an initiative that transforms current systems, supporting Anaheim communities, and/or engaging residents in Anaheim, California. We are dedicated to transforming educational and social delivery systems to support the community.

Vision Statement 

Children of all ages and their families in Anaheim will lead healthy, meaningful, and productive lives that will enrich society. 

Mission Statement 

Network Anaheim is a collective impact initiative with a common vision and uncommon approach. Rather than focusing on directly providing services, Network Anaheim connects and builds the capacity of the people, programs, and places to advance the four pillars of a thriving community: 

  • Move Well
  • Learn Well

Think Well

  • Live Well

What People Are Saying

"What is so impressive about Network Anaheim is its dedication to creative collective impact.  It is a seemingly unlikely collaboration of school districts, the City of Anaheim, local businesses and service agencies.  The network acknowledges that each partner can do more and do better by working together. It's great for schools, great for service agencies and most important great for the families in our community." 


-Sandra Barry, Anaheim Elementary School District Superintendent, Retired