Helping Families Navigate Success

At Network Anaheim, we aim to help children and families improve their life skills, guide them to be more physically and mentally healthy, and prepare them to succeed in their education and lives. 

We give the community access to all community programs and services through a single coordinated network. This will help open lines of communication and create a smoother system when referring, linking, and contacting each other in the community. Contact us in Anaheim, California for more details. 

Our Philosophy - Four Pillar Foundation

Network Anaheim focuses on the four pillars of health and well-being that form a truly solid foundation for life. Information on the success and improvement of health is quite varied and can be overwhelming. The goal is to keep it as simple as possible and teach habits that create permanent cultural change.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

 - Aristotle

The Hub Concept - Access for Everyone

Physical Hub

Network Anaheim focuses on prevention and proactive action in a uniquely interactive way to help everyone in our community improve their quality of life. We are developing several hubs that consist of local school districts, family resource centers, and other organizations as a source for families. 

To make it convenient for all families, we also have several local hubs throughout the city that will host community wellness workshops and information meetings. To find a local hub and information about upcoming events, email Community Engagement Coordinator, Alexa Bach at [email protected]

Virtual Hub

The virtual hub will be a place where you can get information on all network partners. See what is happening in Anaheim, and participate in the quarterly 30-day wellness challenges through our online gamified life skills curriculum. In this program, we have created a way for the entire community to build healthy habits in the four pillars that is simple and evidence-based.